Sponsor Saturday: Buddha Hill

This week's featured sponsor is Buddha Hill, a lovely little shop full of handmade dolls, accessories, and home goods.  Kathryn, the creator, recently answered these questions from me.

Me: Your shop looks like it's all ready for summer--toadstools and

woodland gnomes, galore! What are your favorite of your more

warm-weather creatures and plants?

Kathryn: It is summer in the Magic Woods - we start early down here in the

Texas Hill Country!

My favorite summery woodland critters are my new brown bear

family. Papa Bear has a vest with a big pocket to hold tiny linen fish

that he is saving for a picnic in the woods. Momma Bear chills easily

so she will have a woolly shawl. And Baby Bear gets sleepy tramping

the forest trails so he will need a tiny nap mattress, pillow, and knit


Me: Last time we talked, you said that you often cruise your local thrift

stores for materials. Any killer finds lately?

Kathryn: Yes! I found several Guatemalan woven tops and embroidered Mexican dresses that I have already cut up to make clothes for my new floppy linen rabbit. Of course, such a well-dressed bun will need wool shoes with tiny heart or star buttons. And several bright wool pompoms somewhere in there! Also, I found vintage trims and a bag of old buttons that will be used for Prairie Doll clothing.

Me: I've just noticed your fairytale wall hangings for the first time--

they're lovely. What inspired you to begin making those?

Kathryn: Thank you, Meryl. I love the bits of fabric that I have on hand that

instantly tell a story. Rapunzel, horses, gnomes, foxes, etc. One of

my missions is for my handwork to encourage imaginative play and

daydreaming. I like to imagine a child laying on a cozy nap blanket and

weaving those pictures into a story as he drifts off to sleep.

Me: Do you have any special plans--for the shop, for vacation, for

relaxing--this summer?

Kathryn: Definitely I will be putting a lot of new critters and woodsy goodness

in my shop. I have more ideas than time to translate them into wool

and cotton!

I plan on listing some of my home wares as well. These include knitting

and crochet roll-ups and needle books. More wall hangings.

Out here in the country there will be kiddie pools with babies, archery

and fort building for big kids, chicken feeding, frozen water bottles

tucked into hutches to cool pet bunnies, sewing on the back porch,

watering gardens and easy summer meals.

The highlight of our summer is a tradition - a family trip to the Gulf for

a week of relaxed hanging out, talking, grilling, sandcastles, and the

joy of being together.

Of course, tucked into all of that will be lots of sewing and stitching

and making.


Kathryn has generously agreed to giveaway a beautiful set--Forest Cat, a toadstool, and Mr. Mouse (as pictured at bottom right, above).  To win, visit Buddha Hill and come back and leave a comment about your favorite item.  I'll pick a winner on Wednesday.

[And P.S., the winner of last week's giveaway from Moon Root Soaps is Jessica B.  Jessica, I'll be in touch soon!]