Early Flutters

Early flutters
Not pregnant.  Not even trying to be.  (Just thought those needed to be the first words out of my mouth--for the sanity and clarity of most of my relatives and friends--after posting this picture, which is of the Kid, for the record.)  But I am starting to mull on the idea over at Mamalode today.  A little excerpt....

High school biology taught me that the gestation period of a human baby is nine months. Setting aside the fact that a normal pregnancy is also said to be forty weeks—do the math there—in my personal experience, that number is ridiculously low.

I didn't recognize it the first time around, but, much like the first flutters of kicks in your tummy, it's easier to know what's happening when you've already been through it once. Some women might be able to have a child in nine months, but it takes me about three years.

Please do go read the rest of Early Flutters.

[And while you're flitting away out onto the internet, also go check out Volume 13 of Alphabet Glue.  The Kid is not quite old enough, but why should that stop me from making a popscicle stick harmonica, yes?]