IMG_4105 Tri-001

I may be making parts of this up, but I know that it's at least truth-y.  A few years ago, my two male co-workers (pictured above) turned 39 together (there's just something about guys and those big birthdays, I tell ya), and decided to run a short-course triathlon.  They've done it every year since (7 years now, I verified that fact), with other co-workers joining in and out.  While there's joking competition, the real goal is always just to finish and have a good time.  

This is the first year I've been in shape to join them, so I was excited to give it a "tri".  (See that?  I was punny in a not-at-all creative way!)  I trained a little, but I was still unusually nervous.  There are just a lot of parts to a tri that aren't present in a simple run.  What if I freaked out in the water?  What if I crashed my bike?  What if I forgot to take off my helmet for the run?  What if my "sexy" triathlon pants...well, let's just stop there.

Fortunately, the race went smoothly.  The swim was do-able, if not pretty.  The bike went much better than I expected.  And the, I know how to do that part.  I finished in an hour and 35, which was just a little over my goal.

Trying to work in doing all three sports in the weeks before was too complicated to make it a regular thing, (read: I'm not abandoning running for triathlon anytime soon), but I think I just might sign up to duke it out with my co-worker's again next year.