Sunday Morning Garden Team-Up

My stealthy Sunday morning plan was to wake up just a little after Sweet Husband (he was going for a long run with his Nice Running Friend), and sneak out to weed the garden while the Kid slept and before the sun really came up.

I slept in just a little more than I intended, but it was still cool--and, more importantly, the Kid was still conked out--as I quietly slipped into some work clothes and old flip-flops.  I congratulated myself as I headed downstairs, but just as my hand touched the doorknob, I heard him.


Back upstairs for morning snuggles, I went.  But I decided that, where stealth had failed, perhaps bribery would work.  As we cuddled, I asked, "Hey, do you want to help me weed the garden?  And then we can get donuts for breakfast?"  He answered in the affirmative, so I propped him on my hip and retraced my steps downstairs.

For the most part he played while I weeded, but I couldn't help but call him over when I noticed some of our raspberries were ripe.  And then we had to look at the wood bees' freshly laid eggs.  And throw some sticks for Moe.  And find even more sticks to poke around our baby basil plants.  (They keep the chickens out--good tip!)  And then the Kid went to munch on some lavender, which he has decided is good food.  And then he helped me mow the lawn.  (We have a little reel mower, and he likes to push.)

By the end of it I couldn't remember why the sneaking had felt so important.  Eventually, we even made it to get those donuts.