A Phone Camera Safari Weekend



[1. Riding the new bike all the way to the playground;   2. The best tag sale EVAH!;   3. My favorite jam packed up for two friends, and peonies from the farmer's market for me;   4. "I want to take Eddy to the bike race!"  "OK, but mama needs coffee first.";   5. The bike races;   6. My new favorite place to take pictures;   7. A quick lunch then a drive to Manhattan;   8. To wish Grandma Great a happy, happy, 88th birthday!;   9. And back home to pop in at the 10th anniversary party of our old neighbors at a riverfront park;   10. Getting ready for next weekend's fun.]

As some of you may have noticed, I went over to the dark side about a month ago.  Yes, indeed, I finally purchased an iphone.  I have been a loyal Android adherent for many years, but the thing that brought me around was the camera.  It's just better, that's all there is to it.

Inspired by my new toy, I also signed up for Alisa Burke's Snap Shot Delight online photography class.  As of lesson #2, it's generally been a really good reminder of things I know.  (Look up!  Look down!  Change your perspective!)  But one thing that I found intriguing was her discussion of how she uses her iphone camera a lot more than you'd think.  As much as I love dragging my DSLR everywhere (not), the idea of leaving it home every once in awhile is appealing.

Friday night, I decided to try an experiment.  I decided that--other than one scheduled portrait shoot with a friend Sunday morning--I would not touch my DSLR all weekend.

The results?  Both good and bad.  The pictures are not of the same quality, of course, but as long as I don't want to blow them up, I can live with the iphone photos.  Also, I liked being able to edit them right on my phone.  (I mostly use an app called "Pic, Tap, Go!").  And, truly, not having to haul the obtrusive DSLR out of my purse every time I wanted to take a picture was liberating.

On the other hand, having a camera within my grasp at all times--without having to weigh, "Is it worth getting out right now?"--is a bit dangerous for me.  By this evening, I could definitely tell that I was spending a lot of time editing and organizing and uploading to the detriment of, you know, actually living my life.  

While I will have to work on moderation, I believe I'll be posting on instagram quite a bit more.  If you're over there and so inclined, my username is "mybitofearth".