A Pair of Woven Chairs


IMG_4518This set of table and chairs used to be our "dining room" table.  Our very first little apartment didn't have room for a real table, so we bought this patio set on sale.  Now it sits on our back porch--our summer dining room--and, overall, it's held up quite well.

Except that last weekend, I went on a spray paint binge.  Our adirondack chairs, a couple of picture frames, and this little patio set all got the rattle-can treatment.  Everything else I ended up more or less happy with, but even with a fresh coat of paint the wicker seats on these chairs still looked old.  I decided more drastic measures were needed.

With the help of Sweet Husband's sharp pocket knife, I cut and unwound the wicker from the chairs.  Then I gathered every scrap piece of blue fabric in the house--one old shirt, an old dress, a crib sheet, part of a curtain, and a mismatched pillowcase, to be exact--and cut it all into about two inch wide strips.

Working horizontally first, I looped the strips around the base of the chair, tying them tightly underneath.  Once I had about 20 strips across, I started working vertically, weaving the remaining strips in and out and tying them at the ends.  It was just like making a potholder, only bigger.

While the end result is still quite shabby-chic, I'm happy with it.  It was free, the chairs are more comfortable now, and I think my weaving is sturdy enough that it will last awhile.