Going Home

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[The spot I got engaged.  The boat ramp is new, but basically it happened right there at the edge of the water.]

We head for our hometown whenever we can for the 4th of July.  I always feel odd explaining it to friends, but it's just better here.  It's a holiday meant for spending in a small town.

I've been back for three hours and one meal, and I'm already gently settling back into my moorings.  Gotten a hug from my mother and sister and brother.  All caught up on who's having babies and when.  Surprised to run into one of my old teachers, obviously very ill.  

It's all brand new, and it's all been going on forever.

But then I get surprised at the things I've missed and forgotten.  My mom and brother were talking to some people in a nearby booth at dinner.  I smiled politely, but--for the life of me--I couldn't figure out who they were.  As we left, I whispered to my mom, "Who was that?"  

"That's Ed and Connie.  You named your first hamsters after them, remember?"

That seems like something one should remember, but I think it got lost somewhere on the highway between old home and new.