Tipsy Drunk on Lavender





IMG_5086Just finished a photo shoot with some friends.  She (the mama of the crew) used to have a stall at our farmers' market next to the people who own this lavender farm, so she had the hook-up for an after-hours trip.  (Although they are open every day but Saturday, so if you're local....)

I was prepared for it to be pretty, but I hadn't thought ahead about the smell.  It hit me the second we stepped out of the car, and I'm fairly sure that I'm still a bit drunk on just the memory.  I typically try to be at least somewhat focused on the people I'm supposed to be taking pictures of, but this time I was like, "Guys, I'm going to need a minute to just geek out with my camera here."  Happily, they were understanding.

And then Jack--the owner/our tour guide--opened the door to the drying room, and I started scheming ways to abandon my house and move in.

We humans were not the only ones in heaven.  The bees and butterflies seemed blissed-out too.  My friend asked Jack if they had hives, and he indicated that it was a project for the near future.  I, for one, cannot wait to buy that honey.