Summer Photo-ing


I do a lot of family photographs between November 1st and the middle of December (we'll call it the Christmas season, even though that's a bit of a stretch for purists).  And, while I do love it and intend to continue with it, there are a lot of logistical difficulties that time of year.  It gets dark super early.  I'm often rescheduling because of the weather or left feeling like I'm torturing small children by having them out in the yucky cold.

Which is why it's been fun to take photographs of some of my "regulars" these past few weeks in the nicer weather.  

The little miss up top there had a delightful time splashing in the South Park fountain--something that's not even possible in December.  And the sweet family below enjoyed an air conditioned shoot at my friend's new event space, the Little White Schoolhouse.  

Aside: My friend doesn't entirely know it yet, but I'm doing all those Christmas season pictures there this year.  Inside.  Out of the cold.  In her beautiful, beautiful, naturally lit space.  And we're having all our future big family dinners there too.  Heck, maybe I'll even have my next child there, just for fun!


In any event, the relative ease of taking photos in the summer has got me interested in doing more of it.  So, if you happen to be local and happen to have been thinking, "We should get some family pictures taken soon," shoot me an email (  I'd love to set up a few more of these fun, summer-y photo shoots!