Rumor Has It


That Adele is a murderess.  Not only that, she led her sisters to help her--it was a sort of chicken-death-squad.

I'll tell you the story, just as it was told to me, by Sweet Husband on the ride home from the airport last night.

"I was standing downstairs when I heard a mouse trap snap," Sweet Husband began.  "But when I went to check on it, the mouse was still alive.  The trap just caught his tail."

Apparently, other than being seriously upset, the mouse was ok.

"And I didn't feel like killing it myself, so I decided to let it go in the yard,"  Sweet Husband went on.  "The chickens were out still, but I didn't think anything of it."

"Until Adele just went for it.  She totally started just stabbing the mouse with her beak.  And then, once she started, the others joined in.  The just went crazy on it until there was nothing left."

I'll admit, my eyes widened as Sweet Husband told the story.  I knew that some breeds of chicken will kill mice, but I thought it was fairly rare.  I've seen the hens gobble down whole berries, but I couldn't imagine one eating an entire mouse.  

After a few minutes of internet research, though, I determined that it's actually quite common.  While it's probably not the greatest idea to use chickens as full-time mice control--because mice can carry diseases that pass on to hens--a mouse every now and then just works out to be a little extra protein.

Nonetheless, I can't say that I'm sorry to have missed the grisly spectacle.