The Garden of Neglect

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The other day I passed Nice Farmer Boss in the hall at work.

"How's your garden this year?" he asked.

I paused for a few seconds to consider the right word.  "Um...neglected?"

He chuckled, "At least you're honest."

Truly, we've not watered or weeded hardly at all.  The early spring veggies are wildly going to seed.  And I think my one squash plant got road-killed by a chicken.

But, looking past the untidiness, a few good things are happening out there.  I noticed the first red cherry tomato early this week.  And the sunflowers are about to pop.  The beans are starting to reach and stretch up their tee-pees.  And my little bed of 'Diablo' Cosmos--a favorite--will be a bright orange patch very soon.