Plug Me In For a Charge

I can't remember the last time this happened.  Complete and utter writer's block.

Day-in and day-out I click away at this blog, but usually it's a process of elimination more than creation.  Like, as in, I have three ideas for a post and the problem is narrowing down to one.  

I'll admit that this--the hot doldrums of late July and early August--is typically an uncreative part of the year for me.  And I'll admit that I've been focusing a lot of mental energy on the BlogHer conference, which I'm attending next week, and on holding family and house and work together between my travels.

But still, it's so weird to sit down and just have nothing come.  Perhaps my poor little right brain is just too tired to poop, as my grandma would say?

Thankfully, they make a nifty little power plug for that.  It's called spending the weekend reading books and taking naps with my baby little boy and going on long runs with pals.

For now, though, battery is low, my friends.  See you again on the other side of my charge-up.