The Second Half of Saturday (In Three Acts)

Act I:  Heartbreak

As we pulled into the driveway, the clouds were just rolling in.

"I think we can make it for a quick swim, but we're really going to have to hurry."  I told the Kid as we hustled inside to change clothes.

After the requisite potty and naked chase, we packed up some toys and towels, and I popped the Kid into his stroller for the quick walk to the pool.  A block away, I heard the first rumble of thunder.  We made it to the pool gate, but before I could even unbuckle the Kid another loud boom sounded.  The lifeguard began yelling, "Everyone out of the pool!"

The Kid didn't realize what was happening until I started turning the stroller around.  Then he sobbed.  Big, dribble-y, sloppy tears.  Heartbreaking wails that earned me sympathetic looks from the other parents gathering their children from the pool.

We stopped and sat on a park bench for a minute so I could console him.  I had just begun to have some success when the rain began for real.  With the Kid snug under his stroller's umbrella, I hunched my shoulders against the downpour and we walked back home.

Act II:  Laughter

The Kid (fake laughing):  Ha ha ha ha--I laughed!  Can you laugh?

Me (mimicking the fake laugh):  Ha ha ha ha.

The Kid:  Can Moe laugh?

Me:  I'm not sure.

The Kid:  Ha ha ha ha.  I laughed again.

Act III:  Discovery

As we were making dinner, I noticed that Car the Cecropia was being more active than usual.  Initially, he was so tiny that I was afraid to handle him much, but now that he's huge I'm less worried.  His little suction-feet stuck unpleasantly to my hand, but I eventually was able to get him to let go by offering him a fresh leaf.

He's decimating the leaves we give him these days.  He's shed his skin once more since the last time we talked about him.  I have to think it won't be long now before he cocoons.