Back to the River

We haven't been to the river since before Porter died--way before Porter died, actually.  It just got too hard to take Moe.  (Charged environment + other dogs = bad, bad, no.)  But when a friend suggested heading to the waterfall to take pictures of her cutie sons, I knew exactly where she was talking about.  

It had been a no-nap kind of day, so Sweet Husband and the Kid tagged along with me to work out some energy while I snapped photos.  It took the Kid a minute to warm-up to the idea of the water, but eventually he was wading and splashing, with Sweet Husband helping him over the slippery spots.

We've been talking to him about a camping trip we're planning at the end of next month--at a different river--and he seems to have gotten some outdoor concepts and ideas a bit mixed-up.  For instance, he's firmly convinced that we're going to catch him a fish and bring it home in a bucket as a pet.  

Even with these little misinformations, however, his delight with the river was clear.

"We went camping!" he joyfully exclaimed, as we hiked back to our car.