Frozen Love + An "Anna" Inspired Baby Cap


D'ya wanna build a snowman?

Sorry, if that gives you a nervous tick at your temple.  Believe-you-me, I understand how it could.  I think I'll know the words to the entire Frozen movie long after I've forgotten my own children's names.

But I love it still, mostly because it's led to some really good conversations in our house.  A few concerned, "Why were the bad men trying to shoot at Elsa?" and "Tell me what happened to Elsa's parents again?"  But also some, "Anna went after Elsa because she loved her, right?" and lots and lots of talk about how fun it would be to have a sister with "ice powers".  (In fact, just this evening, the Kid asked, "Does Little Miss have ice powers?  How can we tell?")

Also, the feminist in me loves that the sisters are human--even if a little over-prettily drawn--and strong and able to capture the Kid's very-stereotypical-boy imagination.  Anna is so likeable because she's a little awkward and impulsive, not because she's beautiful.  Elsa wants to be a good queen on her own, not a good queen because she married the king or prince.  Kristoff is a nice guy because he helps Anna in her quest, not because he looks hot in a suit and is awesome at killing things with a sword.

As it so happens, the Kid has some cousins who like Frozen, too, and those cousins are about to have a sister of their own.  When I told the Kid that, he insisted that maybe she'll have ice powers "like Little Miss will"!  

I chuckled, but it put me on the hunt for a knitting pattern that would suit a wee princess of Arendelle.  My Ravelry searches led to the cap you see above.

So many of the Frozen related patterns are a bit cheesy--with long, yarn braids dangling down the back or similar--but I thought that, done in the right colors, this little Gift Wrap Bonnet pattern was perfectly not-too-literal.  I was a dork and tossed the yarn bands before I wrote down what I used, but I remember that I bought it at Michael's.  The specific yarn isn't that important, anyway, it's more about finding the right colors.

And a snowflake button.  Because Frozen = snowflakes.  (Do a search for "snowflake button" on Etsy to get hundreds of options.)

The only thing I was disappointed about was that this cap turned out just a leetle small.  But she's to be a late-winter, Southern baby, so it'll only be needed for about two seconds anyway and after that perhaps it can keep a favorite doll warm instead.