Concert Concert-001
I can't tell you how much fun it is for me to have my sister here to hang out with.  She's just grown up to be such a genuinely nice person.  Of course, she's 15, so we end up talking about boy bands a lot, too, but that's OK.

To end her week with us, she and I left the fellas at home and went to see Taylor Swift in concert on Friday night.  I began the evening feeling a teensy bit old to be there, but by the end I was belting out lyrics right along with Sweet Sister.  It was about the best "girl's night" we could've come up with.

Saturday morning, we let Sweet Sister sleep-in while Sweet Husband, the Kid, and I ran a 10K.  Then we had breakfast and a quick trip to the farmers' market, before it was time to drive Sweet Sister home.  We had decided just to stay the night--to better give the Kid's grandparents a chance to spoil him--so we crashed blessedly early.

After more grandmas and grandpa time Sunday morning, we headed home.  We were just casting about for what we were going to do for dinner when some friends called.  Their expected dinner guests had to cancel at the last minute, could we come help them with the extra food?  The answer was not, "yes", but "hell yes!"  And an already nice weekend ended on an even nicer note than expected.