Summer Photo-ing, Part 2: Boy Energy


If you had told me three years ago that boys are fundamentally different than girls, I would have raised my eyebrow and--within my own head, not out loud--called you a bit sexist.

I'm not saying it's always true.  Certainly, everyone can and should be allowed to fall wherever they will on that continum, without judgement from the rest of us.  And I'm perfectly willing to concede that part of the issue may be the lens I view things through rather than the subject matter.

But still, in looking at my boy and the boys of my friends, there's just a different energy there.  Where another friend's beautiful daughter is happy to pose for my camera, these guys wanted to run and make me catch them.  They were willing to sit still if their mothers insisted, but only for as long as necessary and not a second more.

I love the girls too, but even back into my school days--most of my best friends were always guys--I think I just relate to boys better.  Which made these two photo shoots of very boyish boys a lot of fun, indeed!