The Word of the Week is Poop

I'm surrounded by poop.  Just thought you should know.

First, the dog.  Moe-moe has been under the weather for about a week and a half.  Eating, drinking, playing just fine, but having fairly regular bouts of diarrhea.  The watery, slimy kind that makes me grateful we don't have carpet.

The first few days, we assumed he had just eaten something he shouldn't have, but after it went on through the weekend it was time for a vet visit.  After some meds--doggy Imodium to make the pooping stop and something to take care of any lingering nasty bugs--we've been poop free for 24 hours.

Which is good, because the Kid is doing his part to contribute to the poop-drama in the house too.  

Poor baby had a "man poop", as we call them, the other night that was so big we were afraid it wasn't going to come out.  It did, eventually, thank goodness--and it even landed in the potty, a feat for which "potty treats" (M&M's) rained from the sky.

I won't even get started on the chickens, but at least their poop is compostable and, more importantly, outside of my house.