Sponsor Saturday: Talulah Bean

Talulah Bean

A big welcome to this week's featured sponsor, Erica, of Talulah Bean.  Talulah Bean makes and sells earth-friendly menstrual options for women, namely pretty cloth pads and menstrual cups.  Erica was recently nice enough to answer the following questions from me.

Me:  What inspired you to begin making reusable pads?

Erica:  A number of years ago I wanted to switch to cloth myself.  Since I made my son’s cloth diapers, I figured I’d give cloth pads a go.   Then I made some for friends, and soon I was making them for sale, too. I love contributing to the well being of our planet by providing women with comfortable and fun options for menstrual and post-partum care.  

Me:  My son (known around these parts as "the Kid") wears cloth diapers, which we've loved.  Are reusable pads easier to care for than that, harder, or about the same?

Erica:  In my experience, reusable pads are easier to care for.  I don’t treat them any differently than my clothes.  In fact, I often wash them with my clothes.  Minky is especially easy to care for because it is stain resistant.  I give my cotton pads a quick cold rinse prior to washing.  This isn’t necessary with minky.  

Me:  As with the cloth diapers, one thing that appeals to me about your pads is that they're adorable.  What are some of your favorite prints?

Erica:  For Minky Beans, I really love Serendipity.  It features pink birds and purple clouds.  When considering Breezy Beans, my favorite is Chillin’, hands down.  Chillin’ is a print of a frog on a lily pad with the words “It’s all about me and my pad.”  Love that one!  We have some new prints coming soon that I am quite fond of, as well.  

Me:  You also sell menstrual cups.  I'll admit, I've curiously examined these a few times at our local natural foods store, but I've always stopped myself from buying one because I'm concerned about how I would empty it when I'm away from home.  Should I be worried about that?  Or is it pretty easy to deal with?

Erica:  There is a slight learning curve when it comes to cups.  I suggest that a woman plans to empty her cup in a bathroom that has its own sink, rather than a bathroom with multiple stalls.  Once you get the hang of it, bathroom choice becomes less of an issue.  Talulah Bean offers cup wipes, wet bags, and other accessories to make your cup experience a pleasant one.  I am passionate about cups and would love for every woman to know the freedom of cup wearing.  

Me:  Last, but not least, is there anything new and fun coming up for Talulah Bean that we should know about?

Erica:  Talulah Bean is so fortunate to have a group of women that test products and give constructive feedback.  They are known collectively as the Secret Squirrel Society.   We have a couple of products undergoing testing at the moment.  I am excited to unveil them once they are ready!


Erica has generously offered to giveaway a $20 gift certificate to Talulah Bean.  To win, check out her store and leave a comment below.  [Edited to add:  I'll pick a winner next Saturday!]