A Beautiful Summer (Except For the Mosquitoes)

This summer will go down in my memory as one of the nicest we've had in years.  The summer we only had one 100-degree day.  The summer the tomatoes thrived on rain water alone.  The summer we didn't have to put out ice blocks for the chickens, or get in our runs before the sun came up.

One not so idyllic side effect of this most un-Kansas-like weather, however, has been that the mosquitoes are enjoying it too.

One night last week, our whole family was out doing some garden clean-up.  I heard Sweet Husband look down at his leg and curse.

"What's wrong?" I walked towards him, concerned.

"Look at the mosquitoes!" he exclaimed.

I looked down at my own legs, and sure enough--one, two three, four, five....I stopped counting and started swatting.  We hustled the Kid inside quickly, but the damage had been done.  The bites on his face quickly swelled up until it looked like he'd been in some toddler version of "The Fight Club".

This weekend was no better.  We bathed ourselves in all manner of natural bug spray and citronella stickers and bracelets.  We tried wearing longer pants.  None of it mattered.  Any bit of exposed skin was quickly chewed up by our small invaders.  We even had a couple get into the house, where I chased them down dead with vicious swats of a dish towel.

Last night, I gave up and pulled out the big guns.  I hate using "Off" for day-in, day-out, but it is effective and a lesser evil than telling my child that he can't enjoy the sunset outside.  

And it was a heck of a sunset, too.  A little breeze made the fabric scraps on our backyard banner flutter as I sat with my camera and watched the Kid contentedly play with his "digger tractors".  Mosquitoes or no, it's been a gorgeous summer.  I'm a little sad that I'm starting to feel the end of it in the changing light.