My New/Old Cutting Board


I was at the farmers' market...oh, a few weeks ago, when I noticed a man selling cutting boards and wooden utensils.  His boards were beautiful, so I stopped to chat.

"I really like this one," I pointed to a board that was a simple, single, solid piece of wood.

"Oh that," he replied, "That one's just meant to be decorative.  Like for a cheese board.  If you want a board to use you need something like this."  He indicated a much fancier board that was obviously several pieces of wood joined together.

"Hm," I frowned.  "Well, I have one like that, but it's falling apart.  I kind of want one that's pretty solid."

"Well, do you abuse it?"

"Yes, we use it pretty hard--several times a day on most days."

"But do you wash it in the dishwasher?"

"Oh my goodness!  Are there people that really do that?"  

He gave me a warm smile, "I'm pretty sure you don't abuse your cutting board."

We went on to talk about keeping the board moist--mineral oil or beeswax--and I ended up taking his card, thinking that--while his boards were too expensive for a whim--maybe I'd plant the idea in Sweet Husband's head as a Christmas present for me.

Then, the Kid and I wandered off to a church rummage sale.  

I was specifically looking for another jackpot of cloth napkins, which I had absolutely no luck on.  But deep amidst the weeds of the kitchen items, buried under two teapots, I found the cutting board I was looking for instead.

 It's not a perfectly solid piece of wood, but it appeared to have stood the test of time well enough for me to be convinced of its sturdiness.  Plus, it had all sorts of character--little scuffs and dings, a ring that I suspect may be from using it to cool too-hot pies, a few possible crayon marks.  

It was marked $3, but since it was half-price day it was only $1.50.  A little vinegar to sterilize it, and a little beeswax oil (a.k.a. spoon oil) to bring out the shine, and it was just the cutting board I had been looking for.