Tomato Time


Me: Tomatoes.  What should we do with them?

Sweet Husband: Can them!  And take off the skins, 'cause I don't like them.

Me: Roast and freeze them instead?

Sweet Husband: Can them!

Me:  You wanna help sterilize jars with me?

Sweet Husband: Whatever you want to do, honey.

Me:  Correct answer!

I brought part of it on myself.  In the wee small hours of last Friday night, a local farmer posted that they'd be selling canning tomatoes at a bargain at our Saturday morning farmers' market.  I bought $30 worth, and my only regret was that I couldn't really afford to buy $50 to get an even bigger discount.

And then we got another huge bag of toms from our CSA.  

And even our little garden is starting to make enough to justify turning on the oven every so often.

I am taking the time to skin them, even if I do prefer the ease of the freezer to my canning rig.  Slitting little "X's" onto the bottoms.  Plunging them into boiling water first, then ice water to loosen the peels.  I always begin each batch by neatly removing the cores, too, with a paring knife.  By the end, though, I'm reaching in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom style; ripping out the centers like tiny tomato hearts.

Right now it's easy to imagine that the delicious, warm, roasted tomato smell will permeate our house all the way until next July, but I know better.  The prickle in my nose tells me that winter will come early this year.  By late October or early November, we'll be grateful for those little jars of summer held in stasis in the freezer.

[P.S. How to peel them.  How to roast and freeze them  Easy-peasy, lemon squeezy!]