Busker Fest Fail

I had a plan.  We'd hightail downtown Friday night, meet Sweet Husband after work, grab some dinner, and spend the evening enjoying the Lawrence Busker Festival.

The Busker Fest has become an annual event that I look forward to.  About a dozen or so really good street performers, along with some local bands, take to the street for a whole weekend of performances.  Last year, the Kid enjoyed the "Pogo Dudes" best, so that was our first stop.

Except that the Kid was petrified.  I couldn't quite get out of him whether he was just afraid they were going to fall?  Or if it was something else?  All he would say--when he peeped our from where his face was buried in his dada's shoulder--was that he wanted to go to the river and see the waterfalls right now.

So--after catching some tamales for dinner--that was exactly what we did.  A bit ho-hum compared with flying pogo dudes and fire-eaters, but not a bad walk, at least.