A Successful Surgery

This is Sleepy Time.  He was my dad's, then he was mine, and now he belongs to the Kid.  He had been resting on a shelf in the Kid's room until, one night last week, the Kid randomly decided that he should accompany us to bed.  

I won't pretend that I wasn't delighted.  Until I picked him up and he made a crunchy sound.  He's almost 55 years old, so I shouldn't have been surprised, but I could feel the stuffing disintegrating as I squished his body.  It was a little gross.

Saturday afternoon, while the Kid napped alone, I decided that I'd better look into the state of Sleepy Time's stuffing.  Just as I feared, it had basically turned to dust, but thankfully it wasn't moldy or anything like that.  I carefully shook the stuffing out through a small incision in the back of the sleeping pup's neck, getting a good chuckle as the squeaker (that red thing) came tumbling out, too.  (My dad always said that he used to squeak, but I never believed him.)

Once most of the former stuffing was removed, I replaced it from my bag of fabric scraps that I keep for just such occasions.  (Really, it's the bees knees for filling knitted critters.)  Then I re-stitched the neck back together with a wonky whip-stitch that looks just a little like a surgical scar.

Sleepy Time looks perkier than he has in years, and the Kid was happy to give him a (non-crunchy) squeeze when he awoke from his nap.