Once More Into the Sunflowers

Sunflowers small knox
Sunflowers are heliotropes, did you know that?  In the bud stage, their heads track the course of the sun across the sky.  Once they open they become stationary again, facing East.  That's why, when you see a field of them, they're generally all turned in the same direction. 

That trivia tidbit--along with their obvious sun-like shape and color--has always made me imagine that sunflowers are the little earthbound daughters of summer itself.  Heat and light turned into blossoms that are beautiful for a few weeks and then fade with the fall.

Once again, last weekend it was time for us to go pay homage to the huge field of sunflowers that a wonderful farmer plants just outside of town.  This year it was mostly a photography event.  I took pictures of two beautiful little girls and their families, which I hope to show you all soon.

I also managed to snap a few of a little boy I'm quite fond of.

His "smile" face these days is to open his mouth as wide as he can and give a big, fake laugh.  While it's not, perhaps, a perfect portrait-type grin, standing in the sunflower field the over-exaggerated joy felt just right.

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