Sponsor Saturday: Kidecals

Welcome to this week's featured sponsor, Kidecals.  Kidecals labels stick to anything--clothes, toys, sippy cups, canning jars--and are machine and dishwasher safe.  As a person who recently scrawled initials into a stack of my child's new clothes with a dried-up sharpie, I don't know about you all, but some labels sound pretty darned good!  

Hilary, the mother behind this genius, recently answered some questions from me and agreed to give one of you all a starter set of Kidecals for back to school.  Read on!

Me:  How did you get started with Kidecals?  How did you initially test the labels to make sure they would really stay put?

Hilary:  I started kidecals with a wall decal line. I had a dream one morning when I was pregnant with my first child about peeling and applying a mural to his room (this was before the wall decal boom) and I started the company shortly after with a small line of wall decals. After both kids started school I saw a need for labeling their stuff so we created our name labels. We did a lot of testing at home and with friends before we launched the product.

Me:  Can you tell us a bit about the process of designing a new label?

Hilary:  I love following trends and fashion and I love finding out what kids and teens are into. We try to be on the cusp of a trend and turn out designs around that. For example, we put out mustache labels a few years ago. It is a popular design but waning since the market is kind of saturated so now we are on to other things like ombres, chevrons, unicorns, etc. So the process starts with styles we want to add, then we usually pull together some inspiration images and go from there. Everything is designed in illustrator and photoshop. Then we have a pretty intense and geeky process of uploading it to a special software that allows customers to personalize their designs online.

Me:  Kidecals labels can be adhered to almost anything, it seems like.  What is the most creative use of a label you've seen?

Hilary:  Let's see small labels for the insides of sunglasses is pretty rad because who doesn't lose that awesome pair of Wayfarers they just got? I think beyond uses, it is the wording and names we see that amuse and interest us. Labels for parties and gatherings are always awesome. People will buy nice water bottles as party favors and buy a set of labels with things like "Emma's Dance Party 2013" and put them on the water bottles for favors. So much better then a bag of candy and cheap stuff! Once we had someone order one of our allergy labels and had them say "Kevin is allergic to crack!" Not sure what they were going to do with a full sheet of labels that said that but I am guessing a prank of some sort. We laughed for days about that one in the shop.

Me:  In addition to labels, you make Keycals (for computer keyboards) and wall murals.  Are there any other new products we can look forward to?

Hilary:  Ooohhh ya! We have some awesome and fun stuff coming into the mix fairly soon (but it's top secret!) That is something you can always expect from us. We aren't just a label company. We like to be innovators, thinking of new and cool ways to bring some color, art, and ease to everyday life.


Hilary has generously agreed to giveaway one Kidecals combo set.  To win, click through to Kidecals and come back and leave a comment about your favorite label.

[And the winner of the scrap pack from Blossom Heart Quilts is Kim R.  Kim, I'll be in touch later this weekend!]