Sayonara Summer Bucket List!

I know, I know--it's not fall "officially".  But, for purposes of our Summer Bucket List, Labor Day weekend was the end of the road.  Did we make it?  Yes we did!

The only thing I would perhaps do differently next year is to be a little less specific.  For example, we made lots of homemade ice cream, but we never did it exactly with my grandmother's chocolate chip recipe.  We just never happened to be in the mood for it.

Other than that, our list of 10 activities was just perfect.  The rundown....

1. Spread out our blanket and clap along to the tunes at as many Wednesday night summer band concerts in the park as we can.  Done!  


2. Dip our toes in the Pacific Ocean and collect a piece of jade from “Jade Cove” in Big Sur.  Done!

Bucket List

3. Introduce the Kid to Tropical Sno.  Done!

Bucket List-001

4. Take a swim in Grandpa's pool.  Done!

Bucket List-002

5. Finally borrow our friends' canoe and see if we can paddle as a family.  Mostly done--we discovered that instead of loading up a borrowed canoe, we could just rent one at the lake.

Bucket List-003

6. Make homemade ice cream using Grandma-Great's recipe.  Again, we finished this one in spirit, if not in letter.  Chocolate ice cream, coffee ice cream, fruity fro-yo....we'll get to the chocolate chip someday soon!

Bucket List-004

7. Go camping with Manga and Panga at Roaring River.  Done!

Bucket List-005

8. Run the “Red Dog 10K” again as a family, with the Kid riding along in his stroller as our coach.  Done--we ran with friends and all three of us crossed the finish line together!


9. Make an entire meal from food grown in our own backyard.  Done...with just a little cheating.  Eggs, tomatoes, and basil we grew...and butter and eggs and cheese are just "seasoning" really, right? ;)

Baked eggs

10. Visit the Kansas City Aquarium.  Modified, but done!  We went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium while we were visiting my dad, so we decided to "count" that and save our local one for another time.

Bucket List-006

Much thanks to the Solar family over at "The Happy Family Movement" for the encouragement to make and complete our list!