Peach-y Southern Succor

Peach Booze

As I walked into the fruit-stand, the smell of peaches hit me like a memory.  Even our best grocery store peaches need to be lifted to my nose for me to get the full measure of them.  These were smiling at me and promising perfection from several feet away.

I bought a basket and my Nice Mother-in-Law bought another.  Horrible moochers that we are, we ate hers over the weekend, but brought ours home.  By then, though, they were just getting to the edge of over-soft, so I thumbed through my preserving books.  Buried in the middle of Salt Sugar Smoke, I found what I was looking for--Southern Succor.

It's a basic infused bourbon.  Starting with clean jars, I added the peaches, the zest and juice of an orange, and a big 'ole bottle of inexpensive bourbon to cover it all.  (This recipe is almost exactly the one in the book, but really, don't get too fussed about being exact.)  I'll let it all sit until mid-October, and then add some simple syrup to taste.  

When it's done, I want to bottle it up for some little Christmas presents.  I confess, though, the thought of those peaches in a January snowstorm will probably mean I'll end up holding back a reasonable portion of it for myself!

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