The Short Life of Zucchini Bebe


It was the answer to an age old question: What the heck are we going to do with this zucchini?

For the record, he did not come from our garden.  No, Zucchini Bebe arrived, along with a sack of tomatoes, in our CSA bag last Friday night.  As I pulled him out, my eyes widened.  We had already eaten zucchini cakes every week for a month, and--while zucchini bread is delicious--I knew that this squash would make enough bread to feed the 5000.

"Oh my gawd, it's like a club!"  I wielded it towards Sweet Husband.  "Or maybe," as it settled into the crook of my arm like a newborn, "It's a baby."

"We should just take weird pictures of it all weekend."  Sweet Husband jokingly suggested.

Of course, I took his joke and ran with it.  Thus, Zucchini Bebe was born.

While he only lived a few days, Zucchini Bebe packed in a lot of life between Friday night and Sunday afternoon.  We read books together, had a play-date with the other squash at the farmers' market, practiced using the potty with the Kid, went for a run.

Unfortunately, on Sunday afternoon, Zucchini Bebe got a little too curious about the chickens.  Parched from the heat, they quickly jumped at the chance to peck and eat Zucchini Bebe's cool-as-a-cucumber innards.

So perished a worthy vegetable.

In his memory, please share your favorite zucchini dish or story (I read one the other day about secret zucchini burials) in the comments today.