Sponsor Saturday: Greenitian

A big welcome to this week's featured sponsor Greenitian.  Greenitian makes reusable sandwich bags that schools and other groups can sell for fundraisers.  Christy, Greenitian's brave leader, recently answered the following questions from me.

Me:  I'll start with a confession.  I hate school fundraisers.  While I love to support our local kiddos, I'm not into buying wrapping paper or odd kitchen gadgets that I'll never use.  But reusable baggies--everyone needs those!  Tell me, how did you come up with the idea to sell reusable sandwich bags as a fundraiser?

Christy:  Honestly, our daughters' school came to us last year and wanted to know if we would be able to manufacture reusable sandwich bags for them to use as a fundraiser. Since we own another "green" manufacturing company and could easily work a project like this into our production schedule, we jumped at the opportunity to help out our kids' school.

They ordered 550 bags and sold them all in just over a week! Word quickly spread around our community and other schools wanted to know if we could do the same for them, that is how Greenitian was born. In just the past few months we have helped schools and non-profits across the country launch this green fundraiser.

Schools love it because we are able to offer them a 100% markup on the bags, parents love it because it is a non-consumable and a product they will actually use, and kids love it because they are helping keep up to 600 plastic bags out of the landfills every year they use a reusable bag. It is a win for everyone!

Me:  OK, so say I wanted to sell your sandwich bags for my kid's school or another organization.  How would I get started? 

Christy:  There are two ways you can do our fundraiser. You can either purchase the bags up front and sell them at an event or give them to the kids at time of purchase. Or you can request order forms, which we provide for free, and have the kids take orders and collect money. Once your fundraiser is over, just give us a call and let us know how many bags in each pattern you need. We do not have a minimum order requirement on our stock patterns.

Me:  The pre-made bags you have on your site are a lot of fun on their own (love the Ukuleles), but you can do custom orders as well.  What are some of the most interesting things people have put on their sandwich baggies in the past?

Christy:  For our custom bags we usually print the school logo on the back. We can also add a place for the child to write his or her name with a permanent marker. We recently had a non-profit that thought outside of the box and had a local University's sorority and fraternity's letters printed on the bags and then asked them to sell the bags as a fundraiser for them. The college kids loved the idea and the non-profit was able to make a huge profit.

Me:  Is there anything new we can look forward to from Greenitian?  Any fun new prints or colors?  Any plans to expand to other types of reusable bags? 

Christy:  We will likely add new prints in the spring, the prints on our website are new for this fall. As far as plans to expand, we are always working on new ideas and you can definitely expect our "green" product line to expand in the near future!


Christy has generously agreed to giveaway a set of three Greenitian reusable sandwich bags.  To win please visit Greenitian, and come back and leave a comment about your favorite use for reusable baggies.  Do you use them for lunch only?  To keep kids toys seperated in your purse?  To collect rocks on hikes?  I'll pick a winner next week.

[The winner of the Kidecals giveaway is Heather, and the winner of the Cubit's giveway is Sarah (of "Two Hungry Blackbirds").  I'll be in touch soon, ladies!]