Antiques Road Trip

Is that the name of a television show?  I think it might be close, maybe?

In any event, we had our own version this weekend.

Sweet Husband had a surprise Saturday off, so we decided to head down to an antique store I'd heard was good.  I had been wanting to hit it up all summer, but--since it was about 2 hours away--we just hadn't quite made it yet.

I was hoping to find a new quilt, but unfortunately it was a bit of a bust in that department.

However, the Kid made out like a bandit with this old, mechanical train engine. And the ladies running the shop were so sweet to him, plying him with cookies and promising to mail along a spare engineer hat.

I ended up eventually finding a little, blue pyrex bowl (the one in the fourth picture).  I'll admit that I mostly bought it out of obligation--couldn't travel all that way to come home empty-handed--but I believe it will be nice for soups and oatmeal and things this winter.  I suppose that's at least zone-of-victory, right?