Gone Fishin'

K suspenders
K suspenders-001

Earlier this summer, the Kid's Dear Manga and Grammy ganged-up on me.

I'm joking, but both of them did make it clear that they were wanting for some new photos of their grandson.

Sadly, it wasn't an unnecessary reminder.  I have no trouble remembering that these two and this one will need birthday photos this month, but somehow the Kid's dates slip past.  I think that--because I'm always taking pictures of him--I just assume I've taken some "official" ones for the milestone birthdays and such....but then I never really do it.

If you've ever tried to take photos of a wriggling two-and-a-half year old boy, you'll know that sometimes it's best to give them something to do, rather than try to get them to pose.  Since we were going fishing anyway, I decided to make that our theme.  

The suspenders took about 3 minutes to sew (following this tutorial), the too-short jeans were rescued from our "donate" basket, and the fishing pole was in Nice In-Laws' stash from when Cutie Niece was small.  I would have loved to lose the Crocs, but the rocks were too sharp for bare toes, so.

Looking at the result, I'm glad the grandmas put their oar in when they did.  That little fat belly that I love is growing leaner and longer every day; I'm glad to have captured it before it's completely gone.