This Wonderful Kid

"This is Mass Street," he told me as I turned the corner.  "This is how we get to home."

"How do you know that?" I asked, with a surprised eyebrow.  But he had already moved on to the Legos that he and his friend played with at school today.

We drive the same route home from school almost every day, and I'm sure he's heard his dad and I say the name of it in different contexts.  But it never occurred to me that he would make the connection.  I was impressed, and I told him so.

He ignored my praise, "I want the music closer now please!"

I smiled as I turned up the volume on the CD we were listening to.  Sweet Husband is convinced that turn of phrase means the Kid's going to be an artist when he grows up.  "It's a creative way to see the world," he defends himself every time I chuckle at the presumption.  

But even though I laugh at Sweet Husband's pronouncement, it secretly tickles me too.  Because "closer" really is a creative way of expressing "louder", right?

Most days we do a good job of walking the fine line between thinking our baby is a genius and realizing that he still poops in his own pants, between being adoring parents and being realistic ones.

But some days it's fun to give in and relish the fact that our child is the most wonderful creature on this earth.  Even if it's only for silly, little accomplishments.  Even if no one else sees it quite the same way.  Even if every other mother and father in the world would say the same of their little ones.