Date #1: Friday Night Pesto and Romance


Friday evening.  Discussing a friend's Facebook comment about guys hitting on girls at gyms, while washing and putting up basil and sage from the garden:

Sweet Husband: I think some guys think that's sexy, being all sweaty and muscle-y.

Me: Hm.  Yeah, I don't get it.  But then, maybe I'm not the target audience.

Sweet Husband: I don't think you probably are.

Me: I idea of sexy right now is a man helping me separate sage leaves and make pesto at 8:30 on a Friday night.

Sweet Husband (head shaking and smiling): Definitely not the target.

Sexy or not, I've had much worse dates.  As we sipped on a glass of wine (me) and a bottle of beer (him), the basil leaves were zipped through the food processor and frozen in olive oil.  The sage was tied together and hung to dry.  And a handful of peppers and a few tomatoes were sliced up to spend the night in the dehydrator.  

Provided the herb garden can keep up, we may have to have just such another date soon.