Date #2: Let's Go To the Movies


Do you remember the first movie you went to see in a theater?

I don't, but I do remember watching Annie (the 1982 version, not the gosh-awful remake) about a thousand times on tape.  (Yes, VHS.  For reals.)  So when I saw that our local movie theater was doing a free matinee last Saturday afternoon, I decided it would be fun to make that the Kid's first "movie theater" movie.

I wasn't sure if he would last the whole time--it is a 2 hour show--but I figured, particularly since it was free anyway, leaving in the middle wouldn't be a big deal.

As it turned out, he loved it!  Munching on popcorn and M&M's from the concession stand, it took him a few minutes to settle in.  Once he did, though, the singing and dancing carried him away.  (And because it was a special showing for kids, I didn't feel bad talking to him a little and answering questions during the movie--that was particularly nice.)  

He liked the songs so much, in fact, that I think we may have to buy the soundtrack soon.  (You'd think I'd still have all the words memorized, but no.)  And I also believe we will definitely be keeping our eyes out for more fun matinees.