Some Real


Obvious admission: I love photo sessions where I show up and the baby is happy and the kids are all in good moods and everything goes like clockwork.  How could I not, right?

Teensy bit of a secret: I like the ones that don't go like clockwork, too.  The ones where the baby cries for her mama when she's put down for even an instant, and big brothers are a little tired from last night's slumber party with grandma...and then it starts raining!  I know it may not seem like that would be fun, but I love it because the pictures always end up so real.

And I hesitate to use the word "real", because all families who love each other are that, of course.  But, you know what I mean--it's a real moment.  

It's the shot they'll flash up on the screen when little brother is giving the toast at big brother's wedding.  It's the photographic evidence--that she'll point to with mock seriousness at Thanksgiving when she's 25--that her big brothers have always picked on her.

I know that opinions differ on whether it's appropriate for the mantle above the fireplace--my grandma, for example, is pretty strict about the looking at the camera, smiling thing--but, gosh darn it, I'll take the real ones any day!