A Little Elephante


Both for reasons budgetary and mental health-y, our Christmas giving list is short and sweet.  We trade baked goodies with friends (and I never can help myself from knitting something small for the Kid's teachers), but otherwise we've tried to stick to a rule of immediate family (moms, dads, brother, sisters, and our one and only Cutie Niece) only for gift giving.

This self-imposed rule has been wonderfully freeing, except for one thing--we don't have enough little kids in the family.  For years Cutie Niece was the only one.  Then, the Kid came along, but--as I tend to craft for him all year long--he doesn't really count.  

While Sweet Sister, Baby Brother, and Younger Step-Sister are not in the right life-place to be having littles--and Sweet Husband's sister did so well the first time that she didn't need to have another--it makes me a little sad that the Kid doesn't have the herd of cousins that I grew up with.  And it makes me, perhaps, even sadder that I don't have the excuse to make teensy toys and the like for a gaggle of nieces and nephews during the holidays.

Oh-ho-ho!  But this year there is one new little I can make for without breakin' the rules.  Because, if you recall, Older Step-Sister just had a baby.  That, my friends, is a bona fide new "immediate family member"!

Even better, because Baby Niece can't read yet, I can share her gift with you early.

If is, of course, the "Elephante" pictured above.  Made from the tiniest bits of Malabrigo scraps, she's just the right size for little hands and was a breeze to put together.  If you've ever thought about knitting toys, but have been afraid, this would be an awesome pattern to start with.  You don't even have to weave in the loose ends--since they're all inside, you can just knot 'em.

That's one Christmas handmade down, and easily so.