Monogram Preschool Pants


When the Kid was in the baby room at his old preschool he practically shared a wardrobe with one of the other little boys in his class.  The other child's mom and I casually developed an agreement just to do each other's laundry and not worry about it.

Her:  Have you seen Jimmy's Snoopy shirt?  We seem to be missing it.

Me:  Yup--I'm so sorry, we're just a little behind this week.  I'll get it washed for tomorrow, I promise!

I think it's just a fact of life when your kids are that age.  The clothes get mixed up.  And I don't blame the teachers a mite for not being able to keep it all straight.  I don't know what clothes belong to the Kid some days.  If I had 10 kids to remember?  No way.

We do lots of permanent marker and labeling to try and help, but--when I have a little extra time--I've found that one of these little monograms is a surefire way to get the right clothes back.

To make one, using contrasting fabric, cut out the first letter of your child's name.  Then, pin it to your child's pants--the back pocket is a good spot, as is the bottom hem--and stitch it on using embroidery floss.

If you're handy you can machine sew it, but I think it's about as fast to do it by hand.  Plus I like the slightly wonky look, which only gets better with a few spins through the washing machine.

Also, it's darned cute.  And anytime you can do "cute" and "practical" at the same time, I believe you should jump all over that.