Progress on the Kid's Quilt


Way back in January, I started this quilt for the Kid.  I'd been just piddling with it--lots of thinking but no action--until a few months ago when I got a wild hair to get it finished for Christmas.

To make that time-line realistic, I decided I would only make about half the number of blocks and employ some open, solid space instead.  I finished the last block in the wee smalls of Saturday night, and spent Sunday morning playing with the layout.

With some help from Sweet Husband--he does have an official art degree, after all--this is the design I settled on.  (The quilt laying underneath is the one on the Kid's bed now, so we were using it to get the size close to right.)  Now it remains to pick out a solid color, trim up the blocks, and stitch the top all together.

As one final consequence of the decision to use less blocks, I've also decided to send it off to a pro for quilting.  (My Ragnar roomie, Nikki, in fact!)  My messy, straight-line quilting might be passable where it can be hidden in a pattern, but with those big, solid panels showing off every stitch, I just don't think I'll be happy with the work me and my tiny machine can do.

It always feels like there are a million little choices in a big project like this, but I'm quite happy with how mine are playing out so far.