There Will Be October


This month has been one long string of Things Happening.  Most were very good things, to be sure, but it's been unrelenting, all the same.

The very tail-end of it all got wrapped up this morning, and this afternoon--for the first time this season--I stopped to really enjoy a pot of hot, herbal tea.  

Tonight, we went for a walk to gather some leaves for a fall banner.  We're not quite to that magical week of fall where everything sets off ablaze at once, but we're so close.  It'll be next week or the one after, for sure.  

In the meantime, I intend to wholeheartedly make-up for thus far neglecting this month.  There will be quilting and knitting and hot tea and lattes.  There will be walks underneath the turning trees.  There will be scarves and sweaters and boots pulled out from the back of my closet.  There will be evenings spent watching cheesy Halloween movies on the couch with my loves.  There will be candles lit.  For me and mine--there will be October!