Big Brother Fun :: Toilet Paper Roll Bird Feeders


[This post is part of my "Big Brother Fun" winter series.  To see all of the fun, scroll to the bottom of this post and give a click on the "Big Brother Fun Series" tag.]

KC has a big list of activities for the winter solstice up.  We celebrate Christmas as our main winter holiday, but I always like to do a little something for the outdoor animals to mark the first day of winter.

This year, I decided we should put together some little toilet paper roll bird feeders.


Collecting the ingredients ahead of time made this easy to put together between Little Miss's feedings--all you need is bird seed, empty TP rolls, peanut butter, and a little string.  (Pro tip: Buy the bird seed ahead of time, then just tuck it away for the day you're inspired to put this together.)  

Butter the rolls with peanut butter, dip them in the seeds, and hang 'em where you want to watch the winter birdies gather.  Off you go!