The Ladies in the Fall


It's like clockwork.  Fall solstice.  A few chilly nights.  Molting chickens and slowly lowering egg laying.

My girls killed it this summer--often giving us a half-dozen eggs or more a day--so they've well earned their rest.  But it's been ill-timed because the Kid seems to be hitting a growth phase of his own.  Now he wants two eggs a day instead of one, so, alas, we've purchased our first dozen eggs from the store this season.

It's funny how, in just a few years, store-bought eggs have come to mean "winter is coming" to me.  It has more to do with the light than the cold, though.  Our ladies eggs taper off in early November, and they start coming back fast and furious sometime in February as the days get longer.  While we're still getting an egg or two a day, I consider them gifts, not expectations.

Have a nice winter break, girls!