Costuming the Small Ones

Thomas costume (sm)

We painted and stenciled and duct taped until it was reasonably held together.  Then I wrestled the Kid into a pair of overalls so we could test our Thomas out.

Just as we pulled out the back gate though, Sweet Husband noticed, "Ah!  We forgot to put a stack on him!"  

Gosh darn it.

Fortunately, we have a spare oatmeal canister, some extra paint, and a few days still to recitify the problem.  Also, the Kid has no clue, so even if we don't get around to it, it's no biggie.

Also, I think we may need some hot glue.  Because, despite these pictures, we discovered that our Thomas could use some structural reinforcements.  But isn't that half the fun of Halloween?

Ginny Halloween

This little doll-face's costume, on the other hand, is perfect in every way.  Her mama--a friend of mine who asked me to take these pictures--made every bit of it, except for the wings.  I am informed that her antenae may need repairs after our romp in the park, but isn't that tutu adorable?

She's not just any butterfly, as she would proudly tell you, she's a monarch butterfly.

Can you tell I like this Halloween costuming bit?  Just a little?