An Epic Halloween

This was one for the books.

First, the weather.  We woke up to a delightfully spooky, dreary morning, but by noon it had burned off into a jewel-like fall day.  In the transition, I saw, perhaps, the most brilliant rainbow I've ever seen.  I fully admit to not getting a bit of work done during the five minutes it lasted.

Then, it was home a little early to get my little trick-or-treater ready.  I took the old highway as a treat to myself.  It's always a pretty drive, but this time of year--with the trees all golden against the blue sky and fields--it's downright magical.

Eventually, I got the Kid picked up and into his costume.  We walked downtown to meet his dada and trick-or-treat at the local shops, bumping into friends along the way.

While the Kid is still a little shy, this was the first year he really "got" trick-or-treating.  It was adorable watching him pull out fistfuls of loot from his bag and just happily gaze at it.

When we got tired of the crowds we took the Thomas train home, and packed our small engineer into the car to head to a little Halloween party with friends.  The Kid played with his BFF "Sam I Am" while the grown-ups enjoyed a few delicious cocktails.

We stayed out until the incredibly late hour of ten'o'clock.  

And later, when the Kid asked if he could just go to sleep in our bed instead of starting out in his own, we happily indulged, snuggling down together to end a very good Halloween.