November Draw-Each-Day


Sweet Husband: I need to get back to drawing more.  I think I'm going to do a drawing challenge in November where I draw every day.

Me: Care if the Kid and I join you and make if a "family draw"?

And thus, November Draw-Each-Day was born.  

The hardest part was picking out sketch books.  I wanted three identical ones so that the Kid wouldn't decide that ours were "better", and--because the Kid is two--they also needed to have large pages.  But, as I've learned through many a failed Christmas gift, Sweet Husband is terribly picky about his sketch books.  They have to open flat.  The paper must be neither too slick, nor too toothy.  I had a small crisis-of-confidence in the store aisle before finally settling.

While I was buying, I picked up a few other new art supplies.  We were pretty good on markers, and absolutely swimming in crayons, but I deemed that a new pack of colored pencils and a few new mechanical pencils were necessary.

This afternoon I made room on a shelf in the dining room for our art goodies, and after dinner I pulled them out.

The Kid only joined us for a few minutes before leaving for his beloved trains, but Sweet Husband and I sat and quietly doodled for a good 20 minutes.  It was a nice break between eating and doing the dishes.  I think I'm going to enjoy this.

In addition to drawing each day, I'm also participating in NaBloPoMo and the annual Habit photo challenge this month.  (Habit hasn't yet announced whether they're doing their usual November open format, but I love it so much that I'm going to do it with or without them!)  My plan is to post a few drawings on Saturdays and a few photos on Sundays.

I'll say it again--I freaking love November!