Lost Potatoes Found


I planted a few seed potatoes in the big pots on our front porch this spring.  (Remember, the potato dance on St. Pat's day?)  Sometime in early summer I remember noting that they were doing pretty well, but then they died back--as potatoes do--and I forgot they were there.

Until last weekend.  With the help of Sweet Husband (actually helpful) and the Kid (cute with his shovel, but not-so-helpful yet) I planted a bunch of bulbs in the front yard, where our dead tree used to be.  I had a handful leftover, so I decided to plant them in my pots on a gamble that they might survive.

I found the first potato when I sliced it in half with my trowel.  Working more carefully after that, Sweet Husband and I started combing through the pots with our hands.  

We didn't find enough to last us the winter--and they were all still pretty small--but we did get one nice pot of mashed potatoes out of the find.

Gardening people--have you ever forgotten that you planted something and then found it later?