Nature Exchange :: A Box of Shells from Hawaii


I'm a slacker because I forgot to take a picture of our outgoing box, but our incoming box is so pretty that I'm hoping you won't notice!

But, I'll start at the beginning.  A few weeks ago, the ladies of Mud Puddles to Meteors announced that they were going to facilitate a nature exchange.  The idea was to send about 12 specimens--or what would fit in an egg carton--to your partner, who would be from a different part of the world.

I ended up swapping with Brenda, a children's librarian in Hawaii.  Imagining that Hawaii doesn't have a traditional fall, I packed our box with dried seed pods and leaves and chestnuts and acorns.  In return, we got a box of the most beautiful sea shells.

I tried to talk with the Kid about the creatures that might have lived in them, but he doesn't really have a frame of reference for a hermit crab.  Instead, he lined the shells up like train cars to make a pretty procession across his room.  Thankfully, Brenda--wise to the ways of the little ones--picked some nice sturdy shells!

[And the winner of "Apples: From Harvest to Table" is Susannah!]