Sponsor Feature :: Hey Freddie [And a Giveaway!]


I know you, Mr. Loving Husband and Mr. Nice Boyfriend and Ms. Friend-Who's-Always-Wanted-to-Knit-but-Never-Found-Time-to-Learn.  I know that in a week or two the holidays are going to set in, and you're going to start thinking of beautiful handmade presents for your friends and family.  And then you'll come to my house with a skein of yarn and a bottle of wine, and say, "Pretty please, can you knit this?"

And I'll say, "Of course!"  Because I like you and I like knitting and I like wine.

But, this year, may I also offer you an alternative?

A few months ago, I discovered Hey Freddie, a gorgeous Etsy shop full of hand-knitted lovelies.  

Leah, the knitter behind Hey Freddie, focuses on a few small luxuries--slouchy hats, snuggle worthy cowls, and textured headbands--but makes them so beautifully that they'd be perfect little gifts.

In fact, perusing her shop makes me think of yet another person I know well--Ms. Knitter-Who-Doesn't-Often-Stop-to-Make-Things-for-Herself.  I think she'd love a slouchy hat from Hey Freddie, too.  ;)

But--on to the really fun news--one of you won't even have to shop!  

Leah has generously agreed to give away one of her Trellis headbands (like the one pictured above) to a MBE reader.  To win, pop over to Hey Freddie and have a peek at the gorgeousness.  If you see something you can't live without, Leah is offering 10% off until November 24th with the code MYBITOFEARTH10.  In either event, come back here and leave a comment about your favorite item.  I'll pick a winner of the headband this time next week!