Raking While the Leaves Fall


It feels like we're constantly raking leaves these past few weeks.  I actually like seeing them out on the lawn, but our grass has, for once, managed to survive the summer, so we're trying to baby it along by giving it room to breathe.  It feels silly to be raking with so many leaves still left to fall, but the Kid thinks it's a hoot, so that's worth something.

And besides, the leaves make nice compost.  

I'm also trying them in the outdoor part of the chicken run this year.  I've heard that they can get matted down and mucky, but I have to experiment with everything at least once.  They're free to try, and if water absorption gets to be too much of a problem, I'll just go buy some straw, like I usually do.

A few shots of our morning of yard work, from top left to right....

1. "Good morning, chickens!"

2. The last dregs of green beans.

3. "Helping" dada rake.  

4. The leaves still in the trees.

5. The ladies think the leaf bedding is a wonderful place to scratch.

6. But Ms. Taylor does not like that they're covering her food scraps in the compost bins.

Whether you'll be raking leaves or just enjoying them as they fall, hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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