This Week's "Family Draw" Update

IMG_9280 IMG_9279 IMG_9281
"You want to sit on my lap and wiggle while we draw?  OK, that's cool.  But I can't help you open markers when I have to hold you with one hand, so you'll have to draw with crayons."

The Kid loves markers, by the way.  I think mostly because he can draw on his hands with them, but whatever--they're washable.  He was back into his own seat in 30 seconds, leaving me to contentedly stipple away at the center of my sunflower.  Pretend helplessness is becoming one of my favorite parenting tools.

But on to some favorites from this week.  More scrolls from Sweet Husband, some (crayon) fun from the Kid, and a not finished sunflower from me--I think I'm going to paint it tonight.